Living with chronic pain or depression is not something you signed up for. Each can consume your everyday lifeā€¦and changes everything you know about how your life is supposed to be.

Welcome to Michigan Pain Consultants. We understand that chronic pain, mood disorders, and depression can be different for everyone. We offer renewed hope by providing a comprehensive approach to pain management that includes interventional pain procedures in conjunction with physical therapy, behavioral therapy and medical management. Ask us today about Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, and our other life changing treatments.

At Michigan Pain Consultants, we believe in treating the patient, not just the symptom. Our goal is to optimize the management of your pain and get you back to enjoying your life beyond pain.

Find out more about chronic pain conditions and treatment options available at MPC.

How exactly does this treatment work and is it right for me?

Discover how MPC is applying the latest advances in medical technology to the treatment of chronic pain.

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